What's The Big Idea?

Gourmet Burger Union addresses the growing shift in today's consumer demand for handmade natural foods avoiding the obscure chemical additives and preservatives common to so much of the "prepared: and "fast food" on the market today.

Where once the traditional burger was seen purely as a fast food option, gourmet burgers have knocked the tradition on the head.

Gourmet Burger Union has created an nutritious, sophisticated product using the best and freshest ingredients.

GBU - Pasture


Our beef tastes fantastic because we use an award winning produce of high quality grass-fed meat. Our producer has been wholesaling some of the finest quality meat products in New Zealand for nearly 30 years. We use only premium cuts of meat in our patties, and all beef and lamb is grass fed.


We use only either free-range or barn-raised Australian chicken breasts. They taste like chicken should do and are free from growth hormones, antibiotics, saline solution and have been raised humanely.


We have twelve different cheeses available on our menu and you can add them to any of our burgers. So whether you're a fan of King Island Cheddar, with its sharp crumbly taste, or Moondara Brie, with its smooth creamy taste, we cater for all tastes.


Our bread is supplied by local artisan bakers who delivery freshly baked bread each morning including our highly popular whole meal buns.


We only use local suppliers who guarantee high-quality taste and freshness.

GBU - Patties