Gourmet Burger Union franchisees are proven multi-unit operators, leaders in the industry whose energy, passion and entrepreneurial spirit fuel an eagerness to feed hungry burger lovers. We choose only the best people to be Gourmet Burger Union franchisees. Our franchise partners are committed to setting a new standard of guest experience. From the taste of the food, to the speed and accuracy of the order, the power of our people to make decisions, the friendly face at the counter and the cleanliness of the restaurant, our Gourmet Burger Union franchise partners proudly strive to deliver a great guest experience in every restaurant, every time. Together the Gourmet Burger Union corporate team and franchisees will quickly show their markets how delicious a perfect G.B.U burger can be.


Gourmet Burger Union is seeking multi-unit development partners domestically and internationally. To be considered, individuals or partnerships must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Demonstrated enthusiasm, drive and passion and a proven record of success in the restaurant industry
  • Five years multi-unit restaurant management experience as an owner and / or operator
  • Minimum liquidity requirement of $USD 200,000 or more depending on size of development agreement
  • Operating, real estate and trade area experience in development territory
  • Dedicated support team for Gourmet Burger Union.
  • Ability to obtain a liquor license (where applicable)


The Gourmet Burger Union corporate team is dedicated to ensuring the success of franchisees so G.B.U can become every city’s favorite burger place. The Gourmet Burger Union corporate team has a variety of backgrounds, including operations, real estate, marketing, public relations, human resources, purchasing and information technology. The Gourmet Burger Union team specializes in helping franchisees during pre-opening, grand opening and provides on-going support. Gourmet Burger Union succeeds if our franchisees succeed, and we are committed to your success! The Gourmet Burger Union team will provide you with the systems, resources and support you need to operate your business successfully.


  • Real Estate and Site Selection
  • Lease Approval
  • Pre-opening
  • Management Training
  • Vendors and Equipment
  • Store Opening Support
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Operations Support


If you would like additional information about franchising opportunities at Gourmet Burger Union, please contact us at and someone from our franchise development team will be in touch with you soon. This is not an application, should you qualify, we will contact you and send a Franchise Inquiry.